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Ozone Pure - Disinfection Sensor Tap

The latest in tap technology this contemporary sensor tap produces Ozone water which is a natural gas providing natural anti-bacterial properties - the ideal 'chemical free' sanitiser and oxidiser agent. O3 is 3,000 times more powerful than traditional oxidants such as chlorine. It has no toxicity issues and produces no by products. 

A stylish sensor tap which combines style with naturally cleansing ozone water. 

• O3 water system activated by infrared sensor
• Cleans hands and surfaces with no chemicals required
• Solid brass construction with deep protective coating
• Available in chrome
• Ideal for commercial washrooms

Key Benefits
• Removes over 99.99% of microbes and viruses
• Removes odour from fish, garlic, smoke etc. just with Ozonized water
• O3 water can preserve food for up to 2-3 times longer
• No change in the water flow rate
• The O3 generator will automatically stop if not used for more than 10 minutes
• 2 years guarantee on both the tap and generator

We offer an installation service for an additional £99. If you would like to use this service then please call us.

Tap Reach of spout: 150mm 
Height of spout outlet: 210mm 
Suitable for high pressure systems 
Recommended operating pressure: 1.5 - 5 bar 
Generator Slimline design for space saving installation 
Mains power operated 
White finish 
O3 is produced in the Generator - due to its 'short life' (as it reverts back to Oxygen) O3 cannot be supplied or stored in tanks.

This product is available for: Immediate despatch