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Medical Tap Aerator Hygiene Set

Specially designed interchangeable hygiene tap spout aerator set for the medical and food market taps - Produces a laminar flow which stops airborne particles entering the water, whilst regular changing ensures the build up of biofilm and debris is prevented. 

To change - Simply unscrew the aerator, swap the coloured insert and clean the old insert (ready to then be used when next swapped)
Key Features
• Simple and easy to change
• Special water saving design - reduces water and energy consumption 
• Changing the coloured insert, allows the old one to be cleaned to remove debris, dirt, film etc. 
• It is recommended to rotate the aerators every 3 months for best use

Cleaning Instructions
Clean old aerator by firstly rinsing to remove debris, then soak in a mild disinfectant for 30 minutes and then remove and rinse - ready for when next needed

This product is available for: Immediate despatch