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Clinic Line Tap Aerator Set

A speciality tap spout aerator set for use by medical and commercial healthcare premises where infection control is paramount. The set contains 4 different flow control aerators which are colour coded to ensure that a replacement cycle is easily created - each colour represents a new cycle.

Key Healthcare Features:
- Encourages regular replacement of the aerator to prevent biofilm growth. 
- Colour coding ensures that multiple taps are all changed together. 
- Aerator produces a laminar stream which does not draw in air thus preventing contamination of aerosol particles
- Minimal spray formation eliminates risk of legionella or pseudomonas

• 24mm male Thread
• Recommended for hospitals, medical practices, commercial healthcare, education
• WRAS approved
• Water saving - 'Z' class flow control (7.5-9.0l/min at 3.0 bar)
• Also recommended for care homes and education where prevention of legionella is of critical concern

This product is available for: Immediate despatch