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Vulcathene Chemical Resistant Lab Anti-Siphonic Dilution Recovery Trap

A laboratory chemical resistant vulcathene anti-siphonic dilution recovery trap made from co-polymer polypropylene - highly recommended against resistance to aggresive chemicals and liquids including concentrated acids and alkalis
• For use with ceramic, porcelain, metal & plastic sinks
• High resistance to many concentrated acids & alkalis
• Made from co-polymer polypropylene
• Easily emptied by unscrewing the base
• 76mm liquid seal
• Holds 2.3 litres
• 1 1/2" BSP for connecting to onto sink wastes


Please see technical image for detailed measurements
A = 86mm
B = 325mm 
C = 270mm
D = 133mm 
E = 1 1/2" Mechanical thread
F = 1 1/2" BSP

This product is available for: Immediate despatch