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Dermogen DRY Antiseptic Hand Rub - 5 Litres

Dermogen DRY is a highly effective disinfectant hand sanitiser  which does not require rinsing after use - bactericidal & fungicidal  action  for the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms

• Hands should not be rinsed after application
• Bulk value size - for use in refillable wall mounted dispensers
• Spray application for maximum efficiency - can dispense up to 8000 doses (100-400 days use)
• Meets standards UNE-EN 1276 and EN-12054, UNE-1499

PH: 6
Ingredients: Didecyldimethylammonium chloride 1,1%, Excipients. Water qs 100%..
Produced to: ISO 22716
UNE-EN 1276, EN-12054, UNE-1499
Authorized by the Spanish Agency for medicines and health products

Note: Manufacturers data sheets available on request 

Scope of Use
Care & Nursing
Food Industry

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