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Replacement Tap Valves & Cartridges
Tap Compatability
The following is a list of some of the popular makes of taps that our replacement valves and cartridges should fit:
Armitage, Astracast, Bristan, Carron, Crosswater, Deva, Franke, Grohe, Heritage, Hudson Reed,  Ideal Standard, La Torre, Ocean, Paini, Pegler, Remer, Roper Rhodes, Sagittarius, TC Bathrooms, Tre Mercati, Ultra, Whale

• Our valves and cartridges are produced to European standards that will fit the majority of taps sold in the UK
• They are also compatible with many makes of caravan taps/mobile home taps

Not sure which replacement valve or cartridge to buy? You can always call us and we'll be happy to help over the phone or send us a picture by e-mail and we'll work out which part is the correct match. Send your query to: salesteam@limekitchenandbathroom.co.uk

Should you find that the part does not fit, you may return it for a full refund

Resources for changing a tap valve/cartridge
Replacing your tap valve or cartridge is very straightforward once you have made sure the water supply (both hot and cold feeds)  to the tap have been switched off.
Replacing a tap valve (sometimes called a head or insert) is a quicker and more cost effective alternative to fitting a new tap.

There are some excellent websites that provide advice and forums to help simplify these tasks.
We have listed below some resources to help explain how best to change these tap parts:

DIY guidance with a good plumbing resource: DIY Not  
Advice how to repair and fix many types of leaking taps: Ultimate Handyman
Yahoo's resource that allows you to ask pretty much any question: Yahoo Answers

Find a plumber: Rated Plumbers

Tap Nozzles & Aerators
Aerators add air to the water flow and soften the flow to create a 'champagne' effect and also help reduce splashing.
Jet Straighteners (sometimes called flow breakers) simply straighten and direct the flow. They do not restrict the flow and are more suitable for low pressure systems.
As a guide, the below information will assist in choosing the most suitable fitting:
Use aerators for high pressure systems (pumped, combi boilers etc)
Use jet breakers for low pressure systmes (gravity, tanks in the loft)
Tap Type
Kitchen taps: Normally 24mm  or 22mm for some minimlist design taps
Basin Taps: Normally 24mm or 22mm for some minimalist designs
Bath Taps: normally 28mm or sometimes 24mm
Note: The filter systems in aerators can become blocked by debris or limescale and it is good practice to occassionally undo them and clean them to maintain a good water flow.

Medical & Healthcare Products

The long lever medical taps and sinks for the healthcare markets are designed to comply with current healthcare requirements
They have a broad range of use including dental and doctors surgeries, public healthcare, infection control and decontamination areas, pharmacies and laboratory
Where appropriate products conform to a variety of specifications and best practice requirements
These include HTM64 (Health Technical Memorandum), TMV2  (anti scald temperature regulatution for domestic premises) and TMV3  (anti scald temperature regulatution for commercial premises)

For guidance and advice regarding suitability of any medical use sanitary fittings, please call us on 01923 268849
We have listed below some useful links:
Recommendations for setting up decontamination areas NHS Guidelines

Caring For Gold & Chrome Bathroom Fittings
Cleaning of all bathroom fitting is best carried out using a soft cloth and mild non abrasive cleaner
Where limescale has built up, use an anti-limescale cleaner and rinse with clean water when finished
Vinegar is helpful for removing small build ups of limescale
Note that gold finishes should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals or abrasives as these will remove the gold plating