Caring For Gold & Chrome Bathroom Fittings

Caring For Gold & Chrome Bathroom Fittings

Cleaning of all bathroom fittings is best carried out using a soft cloth and mild non abrasive cleaner.
Where limescale has built up, use an anti-limescale cleaner and rinse with clean water when finished.
Vinegar is helpful for removing small build ups of limescale 

Special Care For Gold Fittings

Gold finishes look stunning in any bathroom but remember that the finish is a special plated finish and is not as durable as chrome so extra care needs to be taken

  • Use diluted white wine vinegar (approx 1 part vinegar/2 parts water) and either spray the part or soak a soft non abrasive cloth and wrap the cloth around your gold part
  • Leave for at least 15-20 minutes
  • Wipe the part gently either with the soaked cloth or a clean damp towel
  • Then rinse the tap with clean water and gently dry with a clean soft non abrasive cloth or towel
  • If done regularly this process will prevent dirt and limescale build up and will keep your finish at its best

Note that gold finishes should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals or abrasives as these will remove the gold plating.


Bathroom Gold Plating Service

We offer a gold plating service offering gold plated finishes for bathroom and shower brassware
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