Tap Nozzles and Aerators Guide

Tap Nozzles & Aerators

Aerators add air to the water flow and soften the flow to create a 'champagne' effect and also help reduce splashing.
Jet Straighteners (sometimes called flow breakers) simply straighten and direct the flow. They do not restrict the flow and are more suitable for low pressure systems.

As a guide, the below information will assist in choosing the most suitable fitting:
Use aerators for high pressure systems (pumped, combi boilers etc)
Use jet breakers for low pressure systmes (gravity, tanks in the loft)
Tap Type
Kitchen taps: Normally 24mm  or 22mm for some minimlist design taps
Basin Taps: Normally 24mm or 22mm for some minimalist designs
Bath Taps: normally 28mm or sometimes 24mm
Note: The filter systems in aerators can become blocked by debris or limescale and it is good practice to occasionally undo them and clean them to maintain a good water flow.

         tap nozzles and aerators