How to Change a Tap Aerator

Changing a tap aerator can save water, save energy, reduce build up of debris and create a smooth non-splash flow of water. What’s not to like about these benefits!

It is very simple to change a tap aerator so we decided to create two short videos to demonstrate this to our customers as they often ask us how to change a tap aerator. Please click on the images below to view the videos.


To replace an aerator, you just unscrew the old one and put the new one in. If the threads are on the inside, you need a male aerator and if the threads are on the outside, you need a female aerator. In order to unscrew some taps spouts you require a tap aerator key, such as this Universal Tap Aerator Key or the Neoperl Tap Aerator Key.

All tap aerators restrict or change the flow of water that comes out of a tap and there are many different aerators you can buy so we have explained some of the different types below.

Water Saving Tap Aerator
These restrict the flow of water so that less water is used per minute, making huge savings on water and energy used. For example, if the flow rate is reduced from 10 litres per minute to 4 litres, then you could save 60% immediately. Some older taps can also reduce water usage from 15 litres of water per minute to as little at 6 litres of water per minute which is an even greater saving. A good example of a water saving tap aerator is the Neoperl M24 Watersave Aerator which uses a maximum of 5L/min.

Infection Control Aerators
Special tap aerators, for medical and healthcare settings where infection control is paramount, are designed to prevent build-up of debris and other biofilm material that can harbour infectious pathogenic material. The aerators have a special laminar flow which does not draw in air thus preventing airborne particles entering the water and therefore almost completely preventing the intake of contaminated aerosol particles. The Clinic Line Tap Aerators are a set of 4 different coloured aerators specially designed for the medical market which are colour coded to help monitor them being changed on a regular basis.

Non-splash Laminar Flow Tap Aerators
These aerators are simple and effective by changing the flow of water thus creating a smooth laminar flow of water with the additional benefit of anti-limescale protection. For example, the Neoperl Honeycomb Aerator uses Neoperl’s water technology to create a smooth non-splash flow of water.