What are the advantages of choosing a Corian wash basin?

We recently expanded our wash basin range, adding a wide choice of Corian wash troughs, which are available in a variety of different lengths and styles to suit each customer.

The solid surface material provides a non-porous and hard-wearing basin, designed to suit high traffic areas which make them ideal for schools and commercial settings.

There are many advantages of fitting a Corian wash basin and to help our customers decide if it is the right option for them, we have set out some of these below.

  1. Seamless - one of the main advantages of Corian is the continuous solid surface that you can create in a washroom. This is not only aesthetically pleasing by creating sleek long lines, but also less join areas for dirt and grime to get trapped and build up. Corian is a man-made composite from minerals and resins and can therefore be created in any shape or size. 
  2. Durable – unlike ceramic and porcelain basins, Corian is very strong and will not crack or chip easily. It is resistant to stains and scratches and ideal for busy washrooms.
  3. Easy to clean – Corian is very simple to clean and maintain as the non-porous surface means it is resistant to mould and bacteria. The material simply doesn’t allow anything to be absorbed, so marks and stains stay on the surface and are therefore very easy to clean off.
  4. Repairable – it is very difficult to damage Corian, however if needed, the surface can easily be repaired by a professional polishing out any small chips or marks. If required, they can also use a colour matching filler which creates a flawless repair.
  5. Versatile – Corian provides a wide choice of shapes and styles to suit your bathroom and wash troughs blend beautifully with integrated vanity units below.

If you would like to see our range of Corian wash troughs, then please take a look here.