What are IPS panels?

What are IPS Panels?

IPS stands for Integrated Panel Systems which are units fixed to the wall to conceal the pipes, but still allow full access for plumbing maintenance. This furniture system is widely used in medical and healthcare settings as a method of fitting handwashing taps and basins whilst concealing the services connected to them.

IPS panels, or sometimes called IPS units, play a key role in keeping the handwashing station hygienically clean, as they are designed to prevent dirt build and allow easier cleaning of the exposed surfaces.

IPS panels are usually made in one piece with removable access panels at the front to which the taps and basin are fitted. The removable panels allow access to the services connected to the taps and sinks for easier maintenance.

IPS panels allow facilities to meet Healthcare Standards (HBN) 00-10.

Choice between two sizes

There are two sizes available for IPS panels – full height and half height. Half height units have a sloping shelve to stop the unit being used as a shelf and the full height is floor to ceiling.


The units are usually made from moisture resistant MDF with a seamless laminate coating over the whole unit, making it water and dirt resistant.

We have been selling IPS panels to customers for many years and have a wealth of experience in this area.

Key benefits

  • One piece carcass with zero joint lines aiding infection control
  • Easy to install
  • Full height panels can be cut to suit ceiling height
  • Removable panels allows easy access to services for repair and maintenance
  • Designed for easy cleaning and dust control to assist with decontamination